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Accident kills bicycle rider; car driver flees scene

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Drivers throughout California should be aware of their surroundings no matter what time of day or night they take to the road. It is especially important when bicyclists are in the vicinity. While riders are expected to be visible and predictable when riding at night, drivers must be extra cautious. Unfortunately, regardless of vigilance, accidents between automobiles and bicycles can happen and cause catastrophic injuries and death. To make matters worse, some drivers will not wait at the scene to check on the status of the rider and call for emergency assistance if needed. For people who have been hurt and families who have lost a loved one, it is wise to be protected.

Bicyclist dies in hit-and-run collision

A bicyclist was riding in the same direction as a motor vehicle at around 12:30 a.m. when there was a collision. According to the Sheriff’s Department, it is believed that the car hit the bicycle’s back tire, leading to the crash. The rider was discovered in the road with severe injuries. After being taken to the hospital, the rider was declared dead a short time later. An investigation is moving forward to locate the vehicle and its driver. Law enforcement is seeking the public’s assistance.

Fatal auto accidents cause many problems for those left behind

The emotional aftermath of the unexpected loss of a loved one will be compounded when it is realized that it did not need to happen and those who were responsible decided to shirk their responsibility by fleeing. Perhaps something could have been done if the driver in a hit-and-run decided to remain at the scene. Still, there will be problems after any fatal collision. That can include lost companionship, lost personal and financial contributions, funeral costs and more. As the investigation proceeds, the victim’s family should be aware of their rights.

Having legal advice can help after a fatal accident

Getting beyond a fatal accident can take time. Although it can be difficult to think about, it might be necessary to have legal assistance to pursue wrongful death compensation from the driver. Law enforcement generally pursues hit-and-run drivers until they locate them and make an arrest. As the investigation continues, the bicyclist’s family may need help with all the challenges that inevitably arise. A firm with experience might be of assistance.