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Watch your words after a slip and fall

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2020 | Premises Liability |

Suffering injuries from a fall at business or home happens suddenly and may be upsetting. But what you say to a property owner, witness or insurance agent after a slip and fall accident could harm your personal injury claim.

After an accident

Immediately after you fall, do not assume that any injuries are minor. It may take several days to show symptoms for back injuries, internal bleeding, traumatic brain injuries and other injuries. Seek medical attention and ask for an evaluation which may be important to prove any injuries.

Do not report injuries to an insurance adjuster until you know their severity. When you speak to a property owner, witness, or insurance agent for the property, you should not assume that they are supporting you, even if they appear friendly. The insurance agent is trying to solve the claim and keep the settlement cost down. Any wrong information that you provide can also cost you later.

Admitting fault

Do not admit fault or apologize. Admitting carelessness can damage your claim to compensation. Wait until a completed investigation determined what happened.

Giving details

Do not provide details or a statement on how the fall happened, especially to the insurance agent. Provide the basics such as when and where the accident occurred and the identity of any witnesses.

Injury details

Avoid the temptation to downplay the severity of your injuries. Do not provide details of your injuries until you seek medical care.

Injuries may also be more severe than they appear or what you thought. You may also need more medical care. If the insurance agent asks you about your injuries, even repeatedly, say that you are seeking treatment and that details will be provided later.

Settlement offers

Insurance representatives typically try to get injured individuals to sign a settlement after two conversations. Do not agree to a quick payment which may be lower than the worth of your personal injury claim. It is important to know the full magnitude of your injuries before considering a settlement offer.

Do not report injuries to an insurance adjuster unless you are sure about their severity. You may share details of your injury, however, with an attorney. A lawyer can advise you of your rights and seek compensation and damages in a lawsuit.